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  • Worldwide Granite has very extensive colors, Most granite color origin from quarries of Brazil, India, Norway, Finland, etc...

  • Chinese granite is basically in Grey, yellow, black etc., like G603,G682, G654, Mongolia black , Shanxi black etc., are tested quite popular. It is widely used as wall-cladding & flooring for projects, because of its cheap prices& capability of huge quantity.

  • Worldwide marble also carries many colors in Beige, white, black, pink , yellow, green etc., most in Beige. Most colors are from Turkey, iran, spain, italy etc.,

  • Chinese marble is growing more& more popular for its cheap price, so it can be good replacement of imported colors. Like: Black marquina, Chinese carrara white, onyx, Chinese light emperador etc.,

  • Basalt’s most common color is G684, can be used as countertops, wall-cladding, flooring etc.,

  • Travertine is natural stone and cut from quarries around the world. Travertine tile are stronger than man-made tiles. Travertine is harder than limestone and marble tiles and is therefore suited to high traffic areas, commercial buildings, homes and outdoor living spaces. Natural color variations that make each project unique. Mostly are from Italy & Turkey.

  • Sandstone is in different colors like: yellow, brown, grey, green…. Finish can be sawn, rubbed, bushhammered, honed, flamed….. price is very competitive.

  • Slate is a durable flooring option that can work in every room. It is popular for its organic look and strength. It is preset on meshmount. It can be tile for flooring, wall, outside gardening etc., and tested popular for it natural feel.

  • Quartz is manmade which comprises of natural quartz sand and quartz powder, stain-proof with nanotechnology ,no radiation. Compare with Solid surface which come from mould method , Pure Acrylic , Compound stone with calcium powder and other kind of artificial stone in countertop area , quartz countertop is a more hard , wearable and stain-proof surface. It is a perfect choice for quartz countertop, quartz window sill ,quartz bathroom vanity top, quartz kitchen top, quartz bar top, quartz stair, quartz flooring tile, quartz wall tiles and the place where natural stone can be .

  • Artificial stone is a name for various kinds of synthetic stone products. It tests popular in the market gradually…

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